Healing Arts light frequencies

Empower who you are and generate more happiness into your life!
Joanne van Wijgerden creates the Healing Arts light frequencies with lots of love and care. The light frequencies are available as light sprays and light drops and are beneficial for personal use as well as therapeutic use. They support people to become more conscious of the relationship between body and soul. They help people to get more in touch with their feeling state and what goes on inside their body and help them to get to the source of a complaint. Healing is always based on insight into your own self and love for who you are. The light frequencies help to generate this love and insight within yourself, which will open creativity, happiness and healing of the body.

Light sprays
The Healing Arts sprays work as a general support. They can be used by adults and children, but also for animals or a space. They are meant for daily usage. There are 12 different sprays available, which each have their own field of action. A short description of each spray can be found in the spray guide (which will follow). An extensive description can be found in the web shop under the product description of a spray.
Light drops
The Healing Arts light drop series are meant to support the expansion of consciousness and growth of the self healing ability. Every series has its own theme of consciousness. The series can be used in a therapeutic practice as well as for ‘self study’. All bottles are available as a whole series or as single bottles in the web shop.
Each of the light drops help to purify the chakras of family conditioning, fear and standards, so that you can be yourself more freely. They also support you to experience and treasure your physical body as a safe haven. You’ll experience yourself opening up more towards your spirituality, while feeling more at ease in your physical body and being more grounded.   
An overview with a short description of the light drops series can be found in the light drop guide (which will follow). A description of each individual bottle of light drops can be found in the web shop under the product description of each bottle.
Per series a bookwork with background information exists in which you’ll find all the descriptions of the 12 bottles from that series and a more extensive, therapeutic description per bottle. This more extensive description is especially meant for therapist that work with the light drops, but also to expand the insight and consciousness field of a certain bottle or series. These bookwork’s are currently undergoing an update, but will soon be available in the web shop under series attachments.

A Healing Arts light frequency exist of 89% water and 11% alcohol. The water is the carrier of energetic information (=light frequency). The alcohol, used in the form of brandy wine, is only added as a conservation agent.