Living Thirteen 2
Living Thirteen 2
Geeft veiligheid, geborgenheid  en het liefdesveld om jouw andere zelven toe te laten. Geeft je een veilig bekken in jezelf, het zelf vervullende gevoel dat jij zelf genoeg bent. Makkelijker waarnemen
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You can only undergo the process of Living Thirteen 1 when you have totally received the content of the field from bottle 2. Living Thirteen 2 gives you the foundation to feel and experience more completely who you are and then to ground that through number 1. Bottle 2 is all about safety, security and the love field you need to allow your other selves in. It gives you the kind of security that seems like being swaddled or still in the womb. 

Living Thirteen 2 represents a warm and soft lightness, a momentous femininity that has both cosmic and earthly aspects. You have let go of the old programmes and you are in transition, an inner process in which the polarities can be rejoined in a new form with a new vision and new rule of law. A moving process of pure Being held within a warm shroud and connected with Source. How long someone remains in this process depends upon what growth you have already been through, now and in previous forms of existence. For some that can be one day for one single aspect, and for others it can be years of further development of all the layers of who you are as a human Now and the time lines that converge in you. These various aspects can all happen simultaneously and be in various phases. 

Living Thirteen 2 gives you a bowl of safety in yourself, the self-fulfilling feeling that you are sufficient to your self. This makes you autonomous and of equal value to other humans and to your guides. It 

also provides you with the choice and responsibility to never do anything because ‘they’ require it or because you ‘must be subservient’. You choose in freedom as a free gift to yourself, humanity and the cosmos. That is the 5D earth. 

Living Thirteen 2 means that you can perceive your guides and other subtle beings more easily. You have raised your frequency so much that the subtle realms become tangible. It seems as if you are more material, but actually you are more refined matter. This can have an effect on photos, in which the light frequencies of your consciousness influence the light sensitivity of the camera. 

Living Thirteen 2: I experience the self- fulfilment of being myself. My love is a gift to the greater whole. I choose this in freedom, through my free will.

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