Radiate Your Self Radiate Your Self
Radiate Your Self Radiate Your Self
Radiate Your Self
Radiate Your Self – radiate your own energy
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Radiate Your Self – radiate your own energy
Everything around you to which you are over-sensitive weakens your energy. Do you want to stand in your power and stay in touch with yourself? This spray enhances your own energy field and signature so that you are no longer affected by ‘foreign’ energies, such as the radiations from telephones, Wi-Fi and computers. This also works with energetic intruding energies from movies or crowded places. You stay strong in your own I Am presence.
‘I feel strong wherever I am.’
Advice on usage
Our sprays invite you to follow your intuition. The sprays consist of pure spring water, a light frequency and a biological conserving agent. You can ingest the spray or spray it on your body or in your aura. You can also add the light drops to your bath, food, drinks… feel whatever comes up for you. Use the sprays several times per day, follow your impulse!
Long-term usage, for three weeks for example, strengthens the effects of the spray. The light frequencies can then work optimally and anchor the changes in your cells.
The sprays can be used on adults, children, babies, animals and plants.


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