Love Spray set Sound of Silence Nataraja Higher Love
Love Spray set Sound of Silence Nataraja Higher Love
Love Spray set tot 9 september a.s. met gratis hand- en bodylotion t.w.v. 19,95
This sparkling, hazy spray is composed to soothe yourself, while dealing with the quite spicy energy of the now
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Sound or Silence

Nancy Jacobs proudly presents ‘Sparkles’, a wellbeing support series of sparkling, hazy sprays. First in the range is Sound or Silence. This front runner's frequency of light is aimed at the spicy energy, that will universally characterise the years 2020-2030. The cosmic sphere can be labelled as the course to a breakthrough. Sound or Silence can help to apply that energy in uplifting ways.

Like a rumbling volcano, the spirit of the times announces fundamental changes. Chaos and tension are building up, restlessness increases. The outside world seems ready for a new vision. And in people's personal experience as well, disorder rules and a need for change and growth seems to increase.

Whether the tendency of 2020-2030 influences material circumstances or inner things; it is time to tackle and reorganise. Significant changes seldom settle without a battle, or striking a blow. Like every renovation, careful planning, research and choices, tearing down and picking up the pieces, are part and parcel. What should remain intact and what is worn-out? Experience how a small, fancy little flask of SparkleS can improve focus, or support brave, alert responding. Discover how a sprinkle Sound or Silence in a glass of water swiftly connects with your built in, peaceful placidity. That works well, in times of chaos.

Sound or Silence takes a shortcut through your inner labyrinth. Opens the door to quite a quiet counselling body: the private domain of wisdom and spirit. That's where overview and insight slumber, at the source of inner growth and change. Sound or Silence (nickname SoS: -) stimulates to whizz by the daily turmoil of diversion, sound clogging and lightning dimmers, and take a dive into in the healthy well of inner silence. You Highest Self may seem to hide deep inside, but awaits patiently, surprisingly nearby. Take off the headset of nowadays nagging nuisance for a minute. With Sound or Silence, tuning in to what actually matters most becomes natural again.

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