Living Grail 11
Living Grail 11
Living Grail 11 opens the path to the future and brings the future into the present at the same time. The future constitutes an enormously wide field of energy. From our heart consciousness we can...
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Living Grail 11 opens the path to the future and brings the future into the present at the same time. The future constitutes an enormously wide field of energy. From our heart consciousness we can weave the light lines as it were to create a new 5D earth. Creation is something that happens and not something you do. Creation is in you as a seed for the next step. Through these light lines we also make connecting paths throughout the universe and enable inter-dimensional communication. This field of light has a beautiful loving energy; it is compact and visible. This process is the earth’s original mission. 


Time is a fictional concept in this process - in the sense that around the year 2012 the specific potential and intention for earth and humanity is really coming into form and not 100 or 2000 years earlier. Those in whom this energy is activated are ready for it, and for those people in whom that is not yet the case, it will come later. That which is now for one is later for the other. In the end there is no earlier or later. It is all happening at the same time. It is. No-one will be left behind. Those are mental yarns to keep us in the duality of good and evil. The energy that Living Grail 11 represents gives so much peace because it sets us outside of time. You do what you can at that moment and that is fine. It puts a stop to time, make us upright and in peace. Time leads rather to disquiet. 

Living Grail 11 is important for children that live without time. It makes them aware and compact so that they no longer loose themselves in dreams or timelessness (time outside of awareness). 

At the beginning of the description of Living Grail 10 stillness was mentioned. With Living Grail 11 the stillness is a sea of potential from which everything is possible within the bedding of a field of love. We can directly manifest everything that is nurtured through that field of love. It is again a conscious choice to take that step (see also Living Grail 9). Living Grail 11 also supports people in acceptance and not having any judgements. There is neutrality in everything that you do. 

Number 11 helps you to generate neutral symbolic language based on Being. These pictures are unambiguous, clear and subject to only one explanation. The colouring of emotions and mental fields that can even penetrate visual images is cleared up. 


Number 11 also opens a sea of potential. It unlocks fields of laws and insight and discernment into the greater patterns of life. Cause and effect, we see the total web instead of the pieces (compare the whole truth instead of one slice of the cake in number 5). Through intention the door to insight is opened and this happens with great inner quietitude. 

How is this applicable to the process of manifestation through the grail energy? Quietness is once again the requirement for coming to creation as well as optimal attunement to the creative fields of the earth energy. Quietness holds the field of thought and the ego outside and quietness enables connection with your intention and a deliberate choice. This has nothing to do with responsibility because only the ego can feel responsible. You do this because you feel it from within. You are completely free to either do it or not. It is a free gift. 


Living Grail 11: ‘From quietude I weave my contribution of light to a new world and feel myself embedded in the grail energy of mother earth.’

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