Living Grail 10
Living Grail 10
Living Grail 10    There is a code or key in Living Grail 10 which can unlock further layers associated with the previous numbers. With Living Grail 5 this was referred to as the...
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Living Grail 10 


There is a code or key in Living Grail 10 which can unlock further layers associated with the previous numbers. With Living Grail 5 this was referred to as the next circle of consciousness. Living Grail 10 facilitates stillness, inner quietness. 

The basis of this stillness and balance enables us to have easier access to new knowledge and information. With this remedy we experience that it is no longer necessary to hold onto information. We already have the information within us and we only need to admit it and hand it on again. This can also happen with fields of consciousness. Living Grail 10 allows us to perceive more and more that we are not our thoughts and that our thoughts follow our intention. The intention comes forth from higher consciousness and even higher levels, and can come through more purely in straight lines. 

Things come into existence without us having to think about them! 


With Living Grail 10 the left and right hemispheres work together as one. Long ago when humanity descended into matter (at the end of Lemuria) the partition between the brain halves was formed (the corpus callosum) as a protective mechanism for the two different electrical fields. Our brain hemispheres have through awareness (and mostly the automated unconscious awareness) a filtering programme whereby an item is ‘dealt with’ in either the left or the right hemisphere. These programmes are also the result of collective societal fields. The dyslectic children who cannot be programmed with that old way of learning and thinking have already brought about a wonderful change in this. 

In the new situation the framework of consciousness is essentially different. The left hemisphere is now able to think in several time lines and follows the greater natural laws of the cosmos. Left and right hemispheres now work in unity. That means that feeling and logical thinking synchronize with one another completely. That is truly an innovation!! 


Living Grail 10 brings the human electrical field to zero point. Zero point is the moment of Oneness and Now, such that past and future no longer exist (and vibrations from the past no longer resonate). The zero point actually means that there are no distracting or distorting or postponing energies, but everything IS directly. 

The Christ Consciousness grid (the Bethlehem grid) that was first present about 1.80m down in the earth now comes up to our feet inviting us to make contact with that field. The earth needs it in order to anchor itself in us. It is important that we fully realise that we anchor ourselves in the earth and the earth anchors itself in us. The grail chalice is the expression of the infinite Source energy that fills the grail chalice from out of the earth and goes on an on filling it. That makes our co-creation process with the earth so special and exceptional. In order to manifest we have to physically be part of the earth and the consciousness of the earth and be in perfect harmony with the Source. 


With Living Grail 10 the unity between the two halves of the brain is restored. Feeling and thinking can be completely synchronized once again.

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