Complete Healing Arts line of Light Frequencies

Complete line of Healing Arts light frequency, 13 boxes with light frequencies and all 12 lichtsprays inclusive a free spraydisplay.

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€ 1.995,00
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This complete Healing Arts contains:
13 boxes of lightbottles (each 12 lightbottles):
Aurora, Transluca, Chrystael, Alchemama I and II, Pathara Ma I and II, Living Grail, Living Arc and Living Thirteen, Manifesting Miracles, Hybrid Children and our last box: Animal Healing.
12 different sprays + a free spraydisplay
Grounding Rescue, Rainbow Frequencies, I am 1 love, Life Force, Quantum Grounding, Goddess Frequencies, Radiate Your Self, Free Your Way, Universal Motherlove, Let it Go, Universal Peace & Balance and Animal Joy.